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Receipts Templates for Every Type of Business

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Generic Simple Receipts

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Create Receipt with Online Receipt Generator Receiptmakerly

It is convenient to create receipts for different types of businesses using premade templates of Receiptmakerly. Let’s see the step-by-step process to generate receipts with Receiptmakerly.

  1. After finishing the signup process, log in to your account.
  2. Now, select a suitable receipt template for your business.
    receipt template in Receiptmakerly
  3. Customize the template with the required information described above under key components.
    customize receipt template in Receiptmakerly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my own logo on the templates of the receipt maker?

Yes, you can add your logo to the receipt template. Please note that all the templates do not have the logo-adding feature. So, select the template that contains the logo and replace that with your one.

How do I send a receipt with this receipt maker?

Once you have created the receipt using your favorite template, you have the option to download the receipt in both pdf and image(png) format. If you want, you can directly send the receipt using the receiver's email address.

Can I generate a PDF receipt?

Yes, you can generate receipts both in pdf and image format. Get the one you need in particular.

How do I charge taxes using the receipt maker?

There is an option to add the percentage of the tax. Once you add the percentage, Receiptmakerly will automatically calculate the amount.

Can I save my receipts and customer details?

Yes. Your receipts are automatically saved to your receipts list. You can also re-use this receipt to generate the same kind of receipt.

What kind of receipts can I make using Receiptmakerly?

We offer a wide range of receipt designs and templates to choose from. Moreover, using Receiptmakerly you can create customized receipts for your restaurant business, salon, health institute, parking lot, taxi business, gas receipts, mobile bill, and internet bill. Whether you belong to the US, Canada, France, Australia, UK, Germany, India, or any other country, Receiptmakerly lets you create uniquely tailored receipts for your users.

Do I have to pay any money for creating receipts?

There are weekly, monthly, and annual membership plans available. To get the templates with additional features, you need to subscribe to any of our plans. However, if you do not like the tool, there is a 14 days refund policy, and you can cancel anytime.

Can I create receipts for any custom brand with this receipt maker?

Of course, you can do that by using our templates. Just customize the templates according to your interest and make a custom receipt for yourself.

What about my privacy?

Without a doubt, Receiptmakerly does not share client information with marketers or third parties or store your credit card information. Our payment processor Paddle securely handles all transactions. Indeed, we do not retain copies of the receipts you create, and we do not send unsolicited emails. However, for more clarification, please read our privacy policy.

How does the Receiptmakerly receipt maker work?

Navigating Receiptmakerly is extremely simple and time-saving. Easily you can avail receipts in just three simple steps. Firstly, select the style and design of the receipt you like. Secondly, customize the receipt according to your preferences by changing the logo, fonts, entering text, bill amount, taxes, etc. Once everything is done, just save the receipt. Additionally, you can download, print, or directly email the receipt. Happy receipt generation!

Can I create a fake receipt?

According to our Terms of Use, no user can create any fake receipt. We encourage you to use the beautiful premade templates and customize those accordingly.

What is your support policy?

Our support applies only to our website – Receiptmakerly.com. We don’t provide technical support to other websites or applications. Most importantly, you can only change your receipts before saving them. Obviously, we hold no responsibility and are not accountable for any illegal or fraudulent activity conducted using receipts created by our platform. Moreover, it is mandatory to let us know in advance if you wish to cancel our subscription. You can use our support mail or instant chat support available on the website to get support.

How do I change fonts?

While creating the receipt, you will get the option to choose fonts. Just choose the font from the drop-down.

Detailed Guide to Online Receipt Maker with Customizable Templates

What is a receipt?

A receipt is a written confirmation that an item has been transferred from one party to another. Receipts are issued in business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions, and the receipts consumers generally receive from merchants and service providers.

Key components of a receipt?

Above all, the receipt you make for your clients gives an impression of your business. While creating a receipt, you should look after a few points so that your receipt stands out to your clients. Let’s have a look at the key components that a typical receipt should include.

  • Name and address:

    A receipt should contain the name and address of the business. It is also customary that the client's details should also be added to the receipt.

  • Logo:

    A logo represents not only a brand but also a business. Your receipt should contain the logo/trademark of your business. You can add a logo to your receipt using an online receipt maker like Receiptmakerly.

  • Date and Time:

    It is one of the most critical parts of the receipt. It is even more vital that the product contains a return and refund policy.

  • Receipt Number:

    A receipt number will be generated only once complete payment has been made in response to an invoice. These numbers follow one another in sequence, and they are dependent on the date and time that the invoice was paid.

  • Item List:

    This section of the receipt contains the list of the items. While creating an itemized receipt all the details of the products should be added along with the price.

  • Location details:

    Taxi receipts should contain the location details that include pick up and drop off points. Distance traveled with the GPS locations should also be added to the receipt.

  • Individual and Total Price:

    If the receipt is made for one or more items, individual prices should be added. If there is a vat with it, that should also be added.

  • Currency:

    Currency is another essential factor of a good receipt. Use a suitable currency for the receipt.

  • Payment Method:

    There are several payment methods like cash, card, and bank. However, a receipt should contain the payment method used for the transaction.

  • SKU

    The stock-keeping unit or SKU is sometimes referred to as the item part number. You can find this information outside the product box or sometimes on your receipt. However, it will not be found on the product instructions because the numbers on the instructions are unique to the product. The stock-keeping unit, often known as the SKU number, is a seven-digit number that begins with the number 8. For instance, 8000148.

  • Signature/Credentials:

    This is the signature or credential of the representative who has accepted the payment. Whether you are the seller or a manager, do not forget to sign the receipt.

  • Thank You Message:

    You’ll find many receipts containing thank you messages at the end. Besides, it’s a good way to value your customers and invite them to come again.

    Note: The above-mentioned components may vary based on the type of business. So, you should check the best receipts in your industry and use a better one for you.

Why do you need receipts for your business?

Receipts are important for businesses of all sizes, and it is an integral part of every transaction. Online receipt makers have made the work easier for business owners. If you have not started generating receipts for your clients/customers, it’s time to take action.

The following points can satisfy you why you should use the receipt for your business.

Proof of financial transactions:

Receipts are official records representing proof of a financial transaction or purchase. So, you can justify later regarding this transaction if any unwanted situation occurs. After making payments for products or services, consumers often get receipts as evidence that the transaction actually took place. Receipts typically contain details about the goods or services that were sold, such as quantity, price, and discounts. In some cases, receipts may also contain information on the payment method used during the transaction.

Increases brand image

Receipts are not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of marketing or branding, but if you can use them properly, you can turn them into exactly that. Once you add your business details with a beautiful logo, it will create an impression in customers' minds. A welcome message at the end of the receipt can attract customers more. However, it can also give you the benefit of indirect marketing.

Helps to manage refund and returns

This is a common phenomenon for almost all businesses of having refunds and return policies. A receipt is the only tool to help you understand the transaction's validity. For example, you sell digital goods and have a 30 days refund policy. A receipt will help you to verify the refund claim.

Generates customer happiness

If you supply your customer with receipts, you make it possible for them to pay you after you have provided a service, finished a job, or done other work for them, making their lives easier. Therefore, by supplying your consumer with a receipt, you provide them with a straightforward means to make payment.

Not only that, but you also assist them in maintaining control of their financial situation while you are doing so. Invoices contain information on what was purchased, when, for what price, any late fees, and so on; this information is extremely useful for consumers both now and in the future when it comes to keeping track of their cash. Invoices contain information on what was purchased, when purchased, what price, etc.

Easy access from any place

Another advantage of online receipts is that you do not have to be chained to a desk to process them. As long as you have access to a device provided with internet connectivity, you will have all the information you require in the palm of your hand.

So, let's say you're out and about conducting necessary errands for your company, and a client contacts you with a question about their bill; you can handle it there and then, keeping the customer pleased while also relieving some of the stress you've been feeling about the situation.

Online receipts are easy to create using receipt makers

If the thought of sending out receipts has put you off in the past because you believe they will be time-consuming, will require additional paperwork, and you just do not have enough hours in the day, we are happy to inform you that the situation has improved significantly in recent years.

You may send a receipt to your consumers in seconds when you use an online receipt maker like Receiptmakerly.

Helps to get payment

Payment is the means of reciprocating any payment or online transactions. Receipts help you to get paid easily. If you are working with a client on a project, you can send a receipt with detailed transactions once you complete your task. Your client will know how much to pay and act accordingly.

Common Receipt Types

With the variation of the businesses, there are changes in the receipt types. If you use a restaurant receipt for your taxi bill, it won't look good. That’s why it is better you know the types of receipts and the best suitable one for you. Let’s look at the common receipt types available in receipt makers.

  • Restaurant receipt: This type of receipt contains the list of food items ordered by the customer. If there is any tax on the foods, that can also be added. These receipts are essential for both the restaurant authority and the customer.
  • Pharmacy receipt : The amount of money that a consumer owes to a pharmacy is listed on the generic receipt that pharmacies use to bill their customers. The charge may include both the cost of any medication or commodities purchased by the consumer and an additional fee for the service (if applicable). On the receipt, there must be a comprehensive listing of all material goods and the costs associated with them. Additionally, this information and the relevant fee need to be documented if a pharmacist or another medical practitioner has provided a service for the consumer.
  • Taxi receipt/Rideshare receipt : Taxi/rideshare drivers issue receipts using a template. It is the proof of how much the passenger paid, how far they traveled, and when they took the trip. Passengers may claim a tax deduction if they have their taxi/rideshare receipts. With the integration of Google Maps, the pick and drop-off location can be added to the receipt.
  • Petrol/gas receipts: These types of receipts are used by the pump owners who sell petrol or gas for automobiles.
  • Grocery receipts: It is often found that grocery shop owners write the list of items and their respective amounts. After that, they manually calculate the total amount from the customer. It’s the era of digitalization, and the world is going paperless and getting automated. It is now easy to create online receipts easily.
  • Toll receipts: A customer gets this receipt while in the toll lane that can show the amount paid, date, time, and lane. These kinds of receipts are used in toll booths or toll plaza that provides a receipt of the payment.
  • Internet/phone bill receipt: Internet service providers take internet bills monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Sending a receipt to the users can be a perfect custom instead of sending manual messages.
  • Hotel receipts: A hotel receipt template documents hotel payments. It's essential because the hotel guest may be able to use it as a tax write-off or employer reimbursement. A hotel template should show the guest's name and address, the hotel's name and address, the date the receipt was provided, the length of stay, the employee issuing the receipt, the total amount paid, and how the payment was made.
  • Rent Receipt: A rent receipt confirms the payment made by a tenant to a landlord. A tenant should receive a monthly rent receipt after paying their rent invoice. The rent receipt process follows a standard pattern. After signing the lease, the tenant is aware of the amount due. In most cases, rent is paid each month. However, depending on the contract, there might be exclusions.

Generate Receipts with the online receipt maker Receiptmakerly

Receiptmakerly is a premium receipt maker software consisting of 50+ templates. Using this tool, anyone can generate receipts for their businesses. Once the receipts are created, they can be downloaded in pdf or image and sent to the customers quickly.

Features of Receiptmakerly receipt maker:

  • ⚡50+ customizable receipt templates: You can use any of the customizable templates for your business. Just select the template and customize it according to your needs. Once you have the customizable receipt templates, you can save time by generating receipts within a short time. You do not need to prepare a receipt at your own every time.
  • ⚡ Automatic calculation, including Tax: There are multiple tax types, and you can select the one you need. The type of taxes available is TAX, VAT, Sales tax, Service tax, IVA, PST, CGST, SGST, TPV, TPQ, SAR, and GST. Just select any of these tax types and add the percentage. Receiptmakerly will calculate the tax automatically for you.
  • ⚡ Multiple currency options : There are various currency options available. 19 different currency types are available in Receiptmakerly. Select the currency type and calculate the receipt amount.
  • ⚡ Receipt generation in pdf and image: Once the receipts are created in pdf and image, you can choose the format you want to make.
  • ⚡ One-click receipt download option : The receipts you will create using Receiptmakerly will remain in the app's history. In fact, you can keep the receipts stored there and download them any time you want. Also, there is an option to edit the receipt that you have already created.
  • ⚡ Map location adding in the taxi receipts: Generally, taxi receipts contain the option of adding location. You need to add the location name, and that will be added to the receipt automatically by this receipt maker.
  • ⚡ Multiple fonts to use in the receipt: Various fonts are available in the Receiptmakerly receipt maker. You can choose the font you like and create beautiful receipts using diversified fonts.
  • ⚡ Date and time picker in the receipt: You do not need to add the date and time manually. However, using the date and time picker, you can place them easily.

To Sum Up

After all, receipts are important for businesses of every type. If you are a business owner, it’s time to take your business to the next level by generating meaningful receipts. Choose Receiptmakerly as your trusted partner to create receipts.