How to Print Receipt

Printing receipts is common in various sectors of business. Sometimes we need clarification about how to print receipts. This article is going to show you some easy ways to print receipts.

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Printing Receipt

Businesses need to print and distribute receipts regularly these days. Companies worldwide need to keep the records in pen and paper, which allows them to stay true to their customers and enhance brand recognition. Though the processes are more accessible than ever, you may find yourself hovering around the methods without any significant pace in the work if systematic approaches are not being adopted.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the three steps to print the receipts, tips on making the process effective, and other related stuff in detail. Cling to it to learn things that can significantly save your time in the workplace.

What is a receipt?

Simply put, a receipt or a cash receipt is an acknowledgment of purchase between the seller and the purchaser. Every time there is a successful negotiation and sale, the seller generates receipts for the purchaser as an acknowledgment that the money has been paid in exchange for the product or the value the purchaser wanted. Going around the small malls to the supermarkets, you will find a multitudinous level of businesses that generates receipts regularly to put the record of the transaction so that a refund can be processed quickly if needed and the bookkeeping is done errorlessly.

Why do you need to print receipts?

Printing receipts is a priority of the age. Though online businesses prefer generating receipts through receipts like Receiptmakerly or using apps for Receipt Scanning, they constantly need to print receipts and distribute them among customers. Here are reasons why you should be printing receipts for the customers.

  • You need printed receipts to keep a record that helps you reconcile with the business bookkeeping.
  • You need to print receipts to make the refund process easier for your business if customers randomly ask to give one.
  • You must have a printed receipt if you're claiming business costs or VAT on purchases. Every accountant will tell you to have a printed receipt to conduct any of this. You can't claim expenses or VAT without printed receipts.
  • Printed receipts can drastically reduce the number of errors you might make while making transactions.
  • A printed receipt is not merely a piece of paper. It is a document that signifies your company, displays its brand logo, and conveys a Thank you message. So, to raise the brand awareness of your company, you can print receipts.

3 simple steps on how to print a receipt

While printing receipts for your business, you have to go through several steps. As the tasks and actions are repetitive, you must find an organized way to approach this task with calculated details. Below are the three simple steps that will help you print a sophisticated receipt quickly.

Step:1 Create and refurbish an organized template

The first and foremost step in generating printed receipts is to find pout the most suitable template that is going to have all the required details and a remarkable design that will uphold the stature of your company.

You will need to ensure that each and every one of your receipts contain the following information:

  • Company’s basic details (names, logo, etc.).
  • Customer name and required information.
  • Items that are being transacted with the information of their amount and price (both unit and total).
  • The website that facilitates the sale.
  • Shipping information.
  • Date of the transaction/purchase.
  • The amount that has been paid for the goods sold or service provided.
  • Tax amount.
  • Payment method.

Please ensure that the information mentioned above is present in your receipts, as these are the things that make the receipts comprehensive and well-decorated.

There are subtle differences among the types of receipts companies are generating these days. Still, you will find that most differences are related to the designs they implied to the receipts. Information is more or less identical, but it may differ slightly when the type of companies varies.

Design of the template is a fact that a lot of companies don’t take into account, yet it can be a scope where you will be able to show off your brand and make a thorough representation of how much you care for your customers.

Step:2 Manage required equipment for daily printing

A dependable way to print receipts should be chosen that can give you constant support whenever you need it. Don’t forget, this necessity will start increasing with the rise of your sales simultaneously. So, nothing less than a robust medium of printing receipts won’t do any good to you.

That’s why you must manage a competent and dedicated printer that will only be used for receipt printing. Ensure that the printer is fast and cost-effective enough to serve the purpose proficiently.

Step:3 Print and distribute

The last step is printing the receipts and distributing them among the customers. It is as innocuous as it sounds.

After managing the suitable medium through which you can print the receipts based on your chosen design and template, it's time to start printing them. If your business owns a huge mall with multiple checkouts, then you need to have numerous printers dedicated to only printing receipts. Small companies who don't enjoy the torrential sales rate might use one or two dedicated printers to rely on.

After printing the receipts, ensure that you keep one copy to yourself for hardcopy record and bookkeeping and provide the customer with an identical one. An itemized receipt on the items purchased would help the customer claim a refund while needed, which undoubtedly strengthens their trust in you.

Tips to make the receipt printing process effective

Almost all behemoth businesses generate and print receipts to manage their customer and intricate business processes. The same goes for small and medium-sized enterprises. Yet, many of these businesses fail to create a good impression through their receipts and make the straightforward process murky by following no particular method.

If you follow the 3-step process described above, we believe you are on the way to generating and printing receipts professionally. But here are some tips that you must follow besides printing receipts to make the entire process effortless.

  • Select the medium wisely. Saving money won’t be an excuse if the medium can’t provide you with the highest utility. Instead, choose the most robust device as a part of the investment and enjoy smooth operation.
  • Though a receipt may be a piece of paper to the general customers, the design and template would be factors you should consider. Savvy customers look for extra services and amenities. So an exceptionally good receipt can win the hearts of the customers.
  • Put a ‘Thank You’ message at the bottom of the receipt. It helps.

Keep these tips in your mind and see how receipt printing and distributing can be a breeze for you.


Printing receipts regularly is a common task for businesses these days. But not a lot of them know how to optimize the overall process. So, if you went through all the processes and tips mentioned in this article, we believe you will be way ahead of your counterparts and be able to grasp the customers with the flair of something they can be delighted by!