How to Generate Gas Fuel and Petrol Receipts

Generating gas fuel or petrol receipt is now easy with Receiptmakerly. Learn the easy process of generating gas fuel or petrol receipts with customizable templates

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Gas Fuel Petrol Receipt

Petrol, Gas, and fuel are synonymous with a product people purchase every day. There are several uses for a gas receipt; the most apparent is knowing how much petrol you fill in your tank. Gas receipts have details such as the price for petrol, tax, the receipt number, the time of the filling, price per liter, and more. What if you need to keep your receipt and yet end up losing it? Receiptmakerly, the online receipt generator, is your one-stop solution.

Gas/Petrol Receipts

Why would you need a gas/ petrol receipt? Today, many jobs require employees to be on the field and out on their bikes or cars. Top delivery companies often ask individuals to procure petrol bills to secure a refund for the petrol expense. But the receipt is easy to lose. Receiptmakerly lets you create a replica of your receipt using samples of petrol giants such as HP and Indian Oil.

If you are running a petrol or fuel business privately, you will need to generate professional bills for your customers. By using the Receiptmakerly online receipt-making tool, you can base your billing system on leading petrol companies. We also have general receipts that you can use to create your receipt template.

Gas Bill Format

When you use Receiptmakerly, we make sure you don’t have to worry about the basics. All bill formats and templates are exact replicas from companies around the world. All you have to do is enter the details of your bill, and in less than a minute, your receipt will be ready. Take a look at some of our sample templates below.

Gas Receipt Templates

Take a look at our templates below:

Here’s why you need to start using Receiptmakerly:

  1. HP Petrol Style Receipt: The placement of a logo on top is a symbol of trust to your customers. The Hp Petrol Style Receipt has all the required information mentioned in detail.
  2. Indian Oil Style Receipt: The figures on the Indian Oil Style Receipt are highlighted, making it easier for customers to understand their bills and taxes and verify the petrol in their tank.
  3. Here are more samples and templates that you can customize to suit your requirements. All you have to do is enter the details and voila, your bill is ready.

Gas Receipt Maker – How To Generate The Petrol/ Fuel Style Receipt?

Making Receipts for petrol and Gas has never been easier. Once you login to the Receiptmakerly platform, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Firstly, select ‘Gas Petrol Fuel Receipts’ from the drop-down as shown below.
    First step to generate gas fuel petrol receipt using Receiptmakerly
  2. Secondly, find the template you are looking for and hit generate below the desired model.
    Second step to generate gas fuel petrol receipt using Receiptmakerly
  3. Fill in the details of your bill and hit generate at the bottom. Also, your invoice will appear on the right side, and you can instantly download it for use.
    Third step to generate gas fuel petrol receipt using Receiptmakerly
  4. Your receipt is now ready. Click on the Download button to get your final receipt.
    Final step to generate gas fuel petrol receipt using Receiptmakerly

About Receiptmakerly

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