How to Generate Walgreens Style Receipts

Generating Walgreens style receipt is now easy with Receiptmakerly. Learn the easy process of generating Walgreens style with customizable templates. If you are looking to generate receipts for your pharmacy, you may use a receipt template like Walgreens.

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Walgreens Style Receipt

When dealing with medical supplies, it is crucial to track every sale. Receipts are an easy way to do it, and no one does it better than Receiptmakerly. To add, we have a receipt template that is the same as the pharma giant, Walgreens. You can customize the template as per your needs, and add your logo, item details, and tax to create the perfect receipts.


  1. About Walgreens
  2. Decoding Walgreens Receipts
  3. Receiptmakerly - Walgreens Receipt Generator
  4. Why Receiptmakerly Is an Excellent Platform to Generate Walgreens Style Receipts?
  5. How to Generate Walgreens Style Receipts?
  6. Conclusion

About Walgreens

Being the second-largest Pharmacy Chain in the USA, Walgreens has specialized in health products, filling prescriptions, and providing advice regarding pharmaceutical products. Additionally, the company has over 9000 stores in all 50 states and provides products ranging from vitamins to skin care. Even though it is in second place, the brand has replaced the term 'pharmacy', the same way Uber has replaced 'taxi'.

Decoding Walgreens Receipts

To create the perfect bill for your pharmacy, we have a sample of the Walgreens receipt with all the necessary details for you and your customers. Furthermore, the bill serves as a file for products sold and as a record of financial transactions.

Details such as the business name, the name of your customer, the amount to be paid, and the items being sold, can be added to your bill.

x Additionally, you can also alter the date of the receipt and the reference number to track invoices.

Components of Walgreens Receipt

Please be aware that depending on the location and the particular transaction, the precise format and information on a Walgreens pharmacy style receipt may change. A typical Walgreen style pharmacy receipt contains the following components:

  1. Business name
  2. Business address
  3. Receipt date
  4. Receipt time
  5. Currency
  6. REF No.
  7. Bill to
  8. Pay amount
  9. Business logo
  10. Item No.
  11. Item name
  12. Unit of measurement
  13. Item quantity
  14. Item price

Except for the upper-mentioned components, you may find the components below in some specific cases.

  1. Any discounts or promotions applied
  2. Payment method (cash, credit/debit card, check, etc.)
  3. Return policy or customer service information
  4. A note about prescription drug information being confidential

Benefits of Using Walgreens Receipt Format

If you come across generating receipts for your business, you have a resounding idea of how much benefits you can reap using Walgreens style receipts. We are mentioning some of them below:

  1. Record Keeping: Walgreens receipts serve as an official record of a transaction, allowing customers to keep track of their purchases for personal or business purposes.
  2. Convenience: Walgreens receipts are designed to be simple and easy to read, making it convenient for customers to review and understand their purchases.
  3. Tax Purposes: Walgreens receipts can be used for tax purposes, allowing customers to claim eligible expenses as deductions.
  4. Return Policy: The Walgreens receipt includes information about the return policy, making it easier for customers to understand the process and requirements for returns.
  5. Customer Service: Walgreens receipts include customer service information, allowing customers to quickly access support if they have questions or concerns about their purchase.
  6. Confidentiality: Walgreens receipts include a note about prescription drug information being confidential, ensuring that customers' personal health information is protected.

Receiptmakerly - Walgreens Style Receipt Generator

It's fast, it's simple, and you can use it at any time, anywhere you go. The Receiptmakerly online receipt generator can help you even if you lose a receipt and need to generate a new one. By using this feature you can generate a bill to recover medical expenses. Besides this, it is also an online storage platform for all your previous receipts. You can access them easily for audits or accounts.

Why Receiptmakerly Is an Excellent Platform to Generate

Here's why you need to start using Receiptmakerly:

  1. Saves Time: To start, Receiptmakerly is a very streamlined receipt generator. This helps save time. Time is a factor to consider if you are the proprietor of a store that needs to produce significant receipts. Because of its streamlined functioning and user-friendliness, Receiptmakerly will enable you to economize a sizable amount of your time.
  2. Easy to Use: The steps you need to go out in order to generate receipts with the help of Receiptmakerly are straightforward and uncomplicated. Not only will it save you time, but it will also reduce the amount of effort you need to put in.
  3. Invoice Database: All of the receipts you have previously prepared and distributed will be saved for usage in the future. Therefore, you do not need to worry about them when you require their assistance.
  4. Your Logo, Your Bill: It is wonderful that Receiptmakerly allows for such a high level of personalization and customization, as users are free to incorporate any design elements they like into their receipts in order to give them a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  5. The Walgreens Effect: Last but not least, give your invoices some flair and sophistication, like Walgreens gives its customers a more polished and professional impression with each receipt they receive.

How to Generate Walgreens Style Receipts?

You can create Walgreens-style receipts using Receiptmakerly in just these simple steps.

Step 1: First, select the Pharmacy Receipts Category from the dropdown menu, as shown below:

How to generate parking receipt step 4

Step 2:Find the Walgreens Style Receipt Template and click on it.

How to generate parking receipt step 4

Step 3: Enter the Receipt Details required. There is a Sample Bill on the right to help you understand each box.

How to generate parking receipt step 4

Step 4: Add your logo and the products you want to sell. Once done, click on Generate and Save.

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Step 5: The final step to your customized Walgreens style Bill is to download the receipt. Click on the Download button to get your receipt. If you need to re-customize the receipt you can do that.

How to generate parking receipt step 4

Types of Businesses that Can Use Walgreens Receipt Style

Generating receipts is a trend of the day that you can't or shouldn't ignore. When it comes to Walgreens style receipt, it can be used by a variety of businesses, including:

  1. Retail stores: Walgreens receipt style is ideal for stores that sell a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, beauty products, and household items.
  2. Pharmacies: Pharmacies can benefit from using Walgreens receipt style as it provides a clean and professional look associated with health and wellness.
  3. Convenience stores: Convenience stores that sell various products can use Walgreens receipt style to create a unified look for their brand.
  4. Grocery stores: Walgreens receipt style is a good option for grocery stores as it provides a clean and organized look for their receipts, making it easier for customers to keep track of their purchases.
  5. Gas stations: Gas stations can also use Walgreens receipt style for fuel and convenience store purchases, creating a consistent look for their brand.

Overall, Walgreens receipt style can be used by a variety of businesses that want to present a professional, clean, and organized look for their receipts. So, as Receiptmakerly provides you with a wide range of customization facilities, despite being a Pharmacy style receipt, you may use Walgreens Receipt Style in many other sectors, as well.


Walgreens-style receipts are professional and can be used by pharmacy stores to look professional. also has a wide range of other templates be it simple generic receipt templates, sales receipts, Lyft receipts or more specific use cases like creating taxi receipts, generating amazon style receipt, and grocery store receipts. You can also use Receiptmakerly as a restaurant receipt maker or Walmart receipt generator. Contact us for any assistance to generate the perfect bill for your business. So, put your trust in Receiptmakerly to make receipts of the highest possible quality, and see how quickly your company expands.