How to Generate Lyft Style Receipts

Starting a taxi service is easier said than done. The innumerable obstacles you will face through your journey are going to make things hard. But luckily, billing isn’t going to be a problem anymore. Using the Receiptmakerly receipt maker platform, you can create and store receipts for everyday use. Today, we are going to show you how you can make Lyft style receipts using

Lyft – A New Way of Transportation

Uber isn’t taking over the world of transport. In fact, several other companies dominate the industry in many parts of the world, such as Ola in India. But with its base in California, Lyft is slowly becoming one of the largest transportation companies in the world. Anyone can apply to become a driver, and with the reduced costs, it appears as a better alternative to Uber. Lyft receipts have a unique template that allows you to distinguish them from that of Uber.

Decoding Lyft Receipts

We have taken the time to break down all the pieces that make the Lyft Receipt a one of a kind, taxi-style receipt. The Lyft receipt does share specific properties with the others in its category such as the driver’s name, destination and starting point of the journey, the fare for the ride, the date of the trip, and the duration. However, the particulars such as mode of payment and the currency used are what make the bill more detailed.

Lyft Style Receipts

Receiptmakerly – Lyft Receipt Generator?

So why use Receiptmakerly when you can print out all the information on a piece of paper? The answer is ‘professionalism’. The Lyft receipt is simple. It displays the profile picture of the driver, followed by the ride details. Using Receiptmakerly’s Lyft receipt generator, you can alter all this information and also add your company’s logo to the top of the bill. Because when it comes to professional branding, we make sure no stone is left unturned.

Why Receiptmakerly Is an Excellent Platform to Generate Lyft Receipts?

Here’s why you need to start using Receiptmakerly:

  1. Easy To Use And Saves time: You can generate a bill or invoice in three simple steps. The entire process will take you less than a minute. You no longer have to keep your customers waiting for a receipt.
  2. Storage For Your Invoices: Every invoice made is kept safe with us in the cloud. During an audit or inconsistency, all you have to do is log in and find the invoice or bill you need.
  3. Improve Your Brand Value: One of the reasons you trust a company like Lyft or Uber is because, at the end of the trip, you see a receipt with their logo. A logo adds value to a receipt. On Receiptmakerly, you can add your logo to your receipt and easily impress customers.

How to Generate Lyft Receipts?

You can create Lyft style receipts using Receiptmakerly in just these simple steps.

  1. Firstly, select the Taxi Receipts Category from the dropdown menu, as shown below:
  2. Lyft Style Receipts
  3. Secondly, find the Lyft Style Receipt Template, as shown below, and click on it.
  4. Lyft Style Receipts
  5. From here, enter the Receipt Details required. There is a Sample Bill on the right to help you understand each box.
  6. Lyft Style Receipts
  7. Add your logo and profile image. Once done, click on Generate and Save.
  8. Lyft Style Receipts
  9. Finally, your customized Lyft-style receipt is ready to download. Click the download button to get the receipt and submit the bill to your customer.
  10. Lyft Style Receipts

Like Lyft, you can choose to use Uber-style receipts or Ola-style receipts for your taxi business. You can also generate a receipt for Auto Repair using the Receiptmakerly platform and get it reimbursed from your company.


Receiptmakerly can be used to create professional looking templates be it for making Lyft Receipts, Walgreens style receipt , creating Walmart receipts or generating Amazon Receipts.

The subscriptions include a starter plan which we recommend for beginners. Additionally, we will give you a complete refund with no questions asked if you unsatisfied. Moreover, we are here if you need any help or want any improvements to a sample on the platform. Trust in Receiptmakerly for all your invoicing needs.


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